How to use the Moslim App for the first time?

You can easily download the Moslim App on the Google Play Store by clicking here.

First step:

At the first launch of the application, you will be directed to the settings page in order to set your preferences, such as language, Hijri calendar, style of numbers… After that, you will be asked to admit terms and conditions of use as well as the privacy policy of the application after perusing them.

Second step:

After you admitted conditions of use and pressed the Start button, you will get into the home page which contains all functions and services provided by the application. You may observe that some icons have a different color or shape and that’s because they need your agreement for some specific permissions, as:

  • Prayer times service needs your admission to use GPS, and that’s because this function has to determine your current location in order to give you the accurate prayer times.
  • Audio library of Quran demands files saving permission to make you able to download any Surat of Quran for offline use.

Third step:

  • Firstly: Start with setting Prayer times function by clicking on its icon… Then you will be directed to a specific page of determination of locations which works like:
    • Auto search: if you didn’t activate the Global Positioning System(GPS) before, a window will be shown to allow you to activate it by pressing Yes or Accept button.
      Then, the application will search for the current location using GPS, WI-FI or other skills(Activating WI-FI is highly recommended to accelerate search).
      After resolving location coordinates, the application will use the internet to find the name of this location and the method to calculate times of prayer in your country(this step isn’t necessary but highly recommended).
      After the identification of location coordinates, location name and method of calculation of prayer times in your country, you have to press save results button.
    • Manual search: Tap your city name or the place where you are to let the application search for it using the internet and show you all the needed information, then press save results.
  • Secondly: After finishing the identification of the location, you will be directed to the page of prayer times (You can make changes you want easily by clicking on settings of prayer times).

  • Note: If you’re using Power Saving feature (Usually activated by default), you have to add Moslim App application to the whitelist of the system in order to do not prevent Athan even if Power Saving or another application with the same function is activated. So to do that, you have to follow these steps(They may be different from a mobile phone to another one, but you can use the internet or help page to conduct you) :
    • Go to your mobile phone settings.
    • Search for Battery, mobile phone maintenance or something like that.
    • Search for Apps out of control or another feature like that.
    • A list of apps out of power control will be shown, then press the Add button and choose the Moslim App.

Fourth step:

Go to Help page to see all functions and services provided by the app(Generally the use of the app is very simple and you rarely need this step).

Screenshot Moslim App Screenshot Moslim App