What is Moslim App?

Moslim App is an Islamic application based on the doctrine of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah, it provides many functions as:

The appropriate way to use prayer times function:

In order to calculate prayer times in a specific place, the application needs the information below:

  • Location coordinates(Longitude& Latitude).
  • Country name, it’s not necessary but important to determine the best method to calculate prayer times(The methods vary depending on many factors, the most important of them is the followed doctrine in the country). To search for a country name the application needs to use the internet.
  • Firstly: After going to prayer times page, click on “Settings” button.

  • Secondly: Click on “Change location”.

  • Thirdly: There are two ways to search for a new location, which are:
    • The auto search using GPS: The application searches for the coordinates of your current location using GPS(If the latter isn’t enabled on your phone, a window will be shown to enable it), then sends them(using the internet) to a server in order to search for place’s name; after getting results, the app suggests you a calculation method of prayer times in that country and asks you to save results.
    • The manual search: You enter the name of the city or the place, so the app searches for previous information(using the internet) and asks you to save results.

  • Fourthly: After the registration of the results, go back to the settings page of prayer times to make some manual adjustments like:

    • Prayer times adjustment: If you observed that prayer times aren’t well adjusted, you can do the subsequent adjustments:
      • You can choose a different method to calculate prayer times to that one suggested by the app.
      • You can adjust the time of specific prayer by clicking on + or – alongside it.
      • You can change the legal(Shara’ia) method to calculate the time of Asr prayer.

    • Selection of Athan:
      • Click on “Selection of Athan” button to select the specific Athan for each prayer.

    • Other options:
      • You can customize the app to inform you about prayer time before 15 minutes for example, or to notify you of the time of Al-Jum’ah an hour before.
      • You can enable the feature of listening to Athan even if the phone is on silent mode.
      • You can enable the feature of stopping Athan(When informing you about prayer time) on taking the phone (move the phone by force).

  • Fifthly: To let the app informs you about prayer times(Athan) even if on power saving mode, you have to add it to the list of apps out of power controller on your phone(The whitelist), and the steps are:

    • For Samsung phones(Samsung S8 for example):
      • Go to phone settings page.
      • Search for “Phone maintenance” then “Battery”.
      • Search for “Apps out of control”.
      • A list of apps out of power control will be shown, then press the Add button and choose the Moslim App.

    • For Xiaomi phones(Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for example):
      • Go to phone settings page.
      • Search for “Battery and performance”.
      • Search for “Choose apps to save power”.
      • A list of apps will be shown, choose this app and click on it.
      • Many options will appear, choose from them(No restrictions).

    • For Condor phones(Condor P6 for example):
      • Go to the system manager on the phone.
      • Choose “Battery manager”.
      • Select “Power manager”, then click on settings of the battery(A round icon in the top).
      • Disable “The smart power saving in silent mode”.

The appropriate way to use Qibla direction function:

  • Firstly: If you didn’t activate the Global Positioning System on your phone, a window to do that will appear.
  • Secondly: At the first use of Qibla direction function, you need the internet to download the map to your phone(To use it when there is no network connection).
  • Thirdly: Calibrate your phone before any use(A necessary step to determine Qibla properly), and that’s by moving it in the form of 8 many several successive times(3 times or more).
  • Fourthly: Qibla direction is the direction of the colored line on the map… Put your phone on a flat surface and move it until the arrow and the colored line become identicals.
  • Fifthly: If your phone doesn’t possess motion sensors, the guide(the arrow) won’t work and a message to inform you will be shown; but you can use the colored line on the map to determine Qibla direction(If the line, for example, passes through a house that you already know, the Qibla direction is the direction of that house).

The appropriate way to use the audio library:

The audio library of the Holy Quran contains a great number of audio files with high quality, and because of their big size we can’t merge them with the app, so we let the choice to the user in order to download the ones he wants.

  • Firstly: The app will download the database and save it on your phone to use it if the connection to the internet failed.
  • Secondly: You can listen to a chapter from the Holy Quran by your best reciter using the internet, or download it to listen to it on the lack of internet.
  • Thirdly: You can listen to chapters successively by activating this feature on the taskbar.
  • Fourthly: The recitation(Riwaya) in which the Sheikh reads, appears under its name on the taskbar.

The appropriate way to use the function of the written Holy Quran:

  • Firstly: Currently, the Holy Quran in Moslim App is only available on Hafs from Asim.
  • Secondly: You can save the last verse you read by pressing it, then you come back to it by clicking on “Bookmark” button on the top taskbar.
  • Thirdly: You can customize the interface such as changing fonts, background, and font size… on the bottom taskbar.
  • Fourthly: You can read the Holy Quran through Chapters, Ahzab or parts.